No place in the car to put my e-cigarette

An Albuquerque, NM company has invented the VAPOR-LOK Universal E-Cigarette holders for cars. It mounts to the door of almost any vehicle and will hold almost any E-Cigarette. It is truly innovative and really worth a look. It is flexible and holds your E-Cigarette securely, while remaining simple to insert and remove your Mod. You can check it out at

VAPOR-LOK E-Cigarette Holder

Up until about 20 years ago, Automakers routinely included ashtrays for Cigarettes in their new vehicles. This was true for all Automakers throughout most of the 20th Century. Beginning in the 1990's, Automakers began removing ashtrays from their new vehicles. If they made some kind of announcement or press release about this development and their reasoning for it, most people, including myself, were unaware of it. It seems as if it was done quietly for some reason.

I would expect that the anti-smoking crowd had made some noise about not wanting ash trays in their cars and complained about buying used cars with the existing ashtray having some remnants and/or that nasty smell left over from the previous owner. And the Automakers were listening. The Automakers would have looked at the issue this way: What's in it for us either way? What are the potential upsides or downsides to removing ashtrays from our vehicles? and most important, What would be the economic impact of such a decision?

Obviously, the Automakers concluded that there would be little or no political blowback, and the economic impact of the move would have no impact on their bottom line, or maybe they would even save a little money by not having to engineer and include ashtrays into their new interior designs. However it was decided, it did not take long for all other Automakers to fall in line after the the first.

Deciding if there would be excessive political blowback was easy. State Legislatures and local Municipalities routinely raise taxes on Cigarettes. In some Legislatures, it is almost obligatory to raise the tax on Cigarettes annually. It is an always recurring and growing revenue stream. It requires no imagination to introduce Cigarette tax hikes. And to the point, no one ever complains.

Now, you Vapers have been lumped in with all of the evil cigarette smokers. Many places, instead of regulating the use and sale of E-Cigarettes independently of tobacco products, have simply decided to throw the Cigarette Regulation and Taxation blanket over the E-Cigarette industry. It's cozy that way. Never mind that millions of Vapers use absolutely no nicotine in their E-Cigarette. That's just an annoying detail.

With the incredible proliferation of E-Cigarette use, there has been some discussion from E-Cigarette users about Automakers making some provision in their vehicles for holding E-Cigarettes. Forget it. Not going to happen. There is no economic upside to such a decision and the political blowback would be deafening. So what now?

There are hundreds of E-Cigarette holders for vehicles sold on the Internet, with many variations for what type of E-Cigarette is held and where it is mounted. Most of them certainly provide some utility, but the common problem for all of them is their lack of versatility. There has not been a Universal E-Cigarette holder for cars that is affordable and will hold all types and sizes of E-cigarettes. Until now.


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