World's First and Only Universal E-Cigarette Holder for Cars and Trucks

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - KOVQUE GLOBAL LLC, an independently owned Manufacturing and Distributing Company based in Albuquerque NM is pleased to announce the release of their "VAPOR-LOK" E-Cigarette holder.

The Patent Pending E-Cigarette holder is the World's first and only Universal E-Cigarette holder for cars and trucks.

The "VAPOR-LOK” holder will fit more than 98% of passenger cars and trucks on the road today and will hold and secure most commercially available E-Cigarettes. The quality and utility of the device is unlike anything else available. The "VAPOR-LOK" holder is designed to allow E-Cigarette users a place to easily and conveniently rest their E-Cigarette while in their vehicle.

Users will no longer have to search within their vehicle to find their lost E-Cigarette or worry about it falling and being damaged or broken. The "VAPOR-LOK" E-Cigarette holder is truly an innovative product idea whose time has come.

More information and reference about the "VAPOR-LOK" E-Cigarette holder can be found on the website, Any inquiries about the product should be directed to the website.


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