• Are there other similar products to the VAPOR-LOK e-cigarette holder on the market?

No. While very many e-cigarette holders for vehicles can be found for sale on the internet and other places, none of them comes close to matching the versatility and functionality of the VAPOR-LOK holder. Each and every one of them have limitations as to what vehicles they can be used in, what types and sizes of e-cigarette they will hold, unconventional mounting, portability, etc.

  • Where on my door panel should I mount the VAPOR-LOK e-cigarette holder?

The VAPOR-LOK holder can be mounted anywhere along the door panel that the user decides. Certainly, it will most often be mounted in a spot that does not interfere with door handles, window controls, etc.

  • Are there any e-cigarettes that will not fit in the VAPOR-LOK e-cigarette holder?

No. Except for some novelty designs, we are unaware of any commercially sold e-cigarettes that are unable to be secured within the VAPOR-LOK holder.

  • What colors of the VAPOR-LOK holder are available?

Currently the VAPOR-LOK holder is only available in black. We have plans to introduce more colors in the near future. News of new color releases will be available on this site. All of the mounting brackets will remain clear/translucent.

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