Our Patented VAPOR-LOK e-cigarette holder is designed to hold and secure most commercially available e-cigarettes. For years, there was a need for a place in a vehicle for people to rest their e-cigarette. Mods were getting lost, falling and breaking, leaking juice, among many other issues. While there were some holders for vehicles already offered for sale on the internet, there were none that were really universal, either for vehicles or for the widely varying models of e-cigarettes. The challenges to designing, developing and manufacturing such a device were many. Notwithstanding many setbacks during the process, we have come up with the World's first and only highly durable and functional universal e-cigarette holder for your vehicle. 

We have a utility Patent for the VAPOR-LOK e-cigarette holder. We think you will be amazed with what we have designed and manufactured and expect that our customers will enjoy using their VAPOR-LOK e-cigarette holders for years to come.