holds most types of ecigarettes

Holds most types of e-cigarettes

The VAPOR-LOK holder is the World's first and only truly universal e-cigarette holder, capable of holding and securing most commercially available e-cigarettes.

protects your ecigarette

Protects your valuable e-cigarette

The VAPOR-LOK holder secures your expensive e-cigarette, preventing it from falling onto the floor of the vehicle or onto the ground, saving it from damage.

portable design

Portable design

The VAPOR-LOK holder is completely portable. Without having to glue, unscrew or mar anything, you can easily take your VAPOR-LOK e-cigarette holder from vehicle to vehicle.

fits most cars and trucks

Fits most cars & trucks

The VAPOR-LOK e-cigarette holder can be used with at least 98% of passenger cars and trucks on the road today.

fits in window channel

Fits in window channel

Simply attach the VAPOR-LOK holder to the bracket and insert the tab of the bracket between your window glass and its molding. It takes just 30 seconds.

designed in USA made in Czechia

Designed in USA, Made in Czechia

The Patented VAPOR-LOK holder is truly an example of international development, resulting in a product of superior quality and functionality.